Achieving Circular Economy through Open Innovation in Japan

As the search for a sustainable economy continues, the circular economy is attracting a great deal of attention as a new economic model. While circular economy policies have found strong footing in Europe, Japan is at the cusp of a pivotal shift.

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  • Why Japanese businesses must swiftly adopt a circular economy model, analyzing the global environmental landscape and the critical factors compelling this transformation.
  • Five Business Models for Circular Economy, laying the foundation for enduring and sustainable growth.
  • Practical insights from case studies featuring industry giants like Porsche, Patagonia and more.
  • 15 dynamic startups leading the circular economy revolution in Japan, understanding their vital contributions to a more sustainable and resilient future.

Japan Circle

In the realm of the circular economy, the joint endeavors of forward-thinking startups armed with cutting-edge technologies and major corporations striving for rapid reform are giving rise to groundbreaking ventures on a global scale.

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