Supply Chain Tech Trend Report 2024

Discover the intersection of sustainability tech and AI advancements reshaping the future of supply chain management with cutting-edge solutions.

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Gain insights into the evolving landscape of the supply chain industry, covering venture capital trends, sustainability tech funding, and the rise of Gen AI applications. Explore the challenges and successes of over 220 supply chain startups and how they navigate the funding environment. This report has been developed in collaboration with Prequel Ventures to provide an in-depth analysis of the industry's current status and upcoming opportunities.

What to expect?

      •  State of venture capital activity and the challenges faced by IPOs, with a look ahead to the funding environment in 2024.
      • Challenges and opportunities related to supply chain operations.

      • Dive into the development and deployment of Gen AI applications, focusing on initial use cases in supply chain management such as demand forecasting, inventory optimization, and route planning.

      • Startup maps for supply chain management solutions.
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Today’s supply chains are challenged by geopolitical tension, workforce shortage, and regulatory complexity. Businesses have to adapt to an ever-changing environment in order to overcome disruption and uncertainty.

Timo Linnemann
Principal, Ventures, Plug and Play 
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The challenges supply chains are facing today can only be solved at scale through technology. A dynamic ecosystem of innovative supply chain tech startups is vital to boosting the necessary advancements in efficiency, sustainability, and resilience to make supply chains future-proof.

Markus Börner
General Partner & Co-Founder, Prequel Ventures

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